Custom Window™ EN-8300i Historical Entrances


  • Offered exclusively to complement Custom Window™ 8300i and 9250 Series historical fixed and operable windows.
  • Fluted exterior glazing rebates to match existing putty-glazed doors and windows
  • Air infiltration and structural testing per the AAMA Storefront and Entrance Manual - Cycled 500,000 times per AAMA 920
  • Polyamide thermal barrier for energy savings and improved condensation resistance
  • Sturdy and corrosion-resistant 316 Series stainless steel tie-rod construction
  • Single or double; out-swing reverse (pictured) or in-swing door leaf options
  • 4-7/8" frame depth; 1/8" extrusion wall thickness
  • Custom profiles can be designed for panning, perimeter framing or muntins
  • Meets IECC and ASHRAE prescriptive U-Factors for Climate Zones 1 through 6 with any insulating glass option