INvent™ XLT


2250i, 3250i and 4250i-XLT INventTM  Series
  • 2 7/8”, 3 7/8” and 4 7/8” frame depth with extra-wide polyamide thermal barrier
  • AAMA AW-100 Performance Class
  • Fixed, project-out awning, project-in hopper, or casement
  • Flush vent construction reduces collection of dust and debris
  • Glazed-in grid muntins available for historical renovation
  • 4250i-XLT simulated double hung option
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INventTM 3250i- and 4250i-HP-XLT  Series HURRICANE
  • 3-7/8" (3250i) and 4-7/8" (4250i) frame depth
  • 24mm XLT polyamide thermal barrier
  • ­AAMA AW-100 Architectural Performance Class
  • Fixed, project-in or project-out casement, project-out awning or project-in hopper
  • Integral blinds with access doors available
  • Conventional hardware or multi-lock option
  • Large “D” missile impact tested for basic protection in Wind Zones 1-4
  • “E” missile impact tested for essential facilities’ enhanced protection in Wind Zones 3-4
  • Tested with receptors and steel strap anchors to address varying substrate configurations
  • Offered through Advantage by Wausau
  • High recycled content extruded aluminum framing

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