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November 16, 2020

Valued Customers and Business Partners:

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly eight months since the pandemic began to upend our personal and work lives. With the holiday season upon us, more than ever, all of us at Wausau Window and Wall Systems are grateful for the support of our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. Together we have been through a lot this year.

As the cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to surge in Wisconsin and across the country, protecting the health and safety of our employees remains a top priority at Wausau Window and Wall Systems. Fortunately, we have not experienced any major disruptions to our organization. Although COVID is prevalent in our communities, we are doing our part to keep it out of our facilities and have largely been very successful in this endeavor. Some examples of the changes we have made which have allowed us to continue operations are as follows:

· Protocols have been implemented which have allowed manufacturing to remain operational through-out the pandemic and ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

· The majority of our office and field-based associates continue to work remotely leveraging technology to effectively maintain “business as usual” to the greatest extent possible.

· We continue to closely follow and fully comply with and exceed both CDC and state guidelines on safety measures to mitigate the propagation risks of the virus.

The safety measures implemented by Wausau, along with the diligence of our associates in following all health guidelines, have and will continue to help us safeguard the health of our team members, customers, and communities. 

We also continue to closely monitor developments in our supply network to stay informed of potential disruptions. We have only experienced minor, unfavorable effects that were addressed promptly with our partners, and we are happy to share that in all cases we were able to work closely together to offset any potential negative impact. We do not expect any major disruptions in the global supply chain and we remain committed to meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs, as well as communicating openly. To maintain this promise, we ask that you please keep us informed of potential schedule changes or delays on your projects as soon as you know about them. 


The entire Wausau team remains dedicated to the support of our employees, our customers, and our business partners during these challenging times. Thank you for your support and vigilance as we continue to strive through these unprecedented times together. 

If you have questions, please contact us at 715-845-2161 or info@wausauwindow.com.

Best regards,

Lisa May
Marketing Manager
7800 International Dr | Wausau, WI 54401
C: 715-846-3412 | P: 715-845-2161  
lmay@wausauwindow.com| wausauwindow.com