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Storefront and Entrances Window wall is defined in NAFS as, “A non-load-bearing fenestration system provided in combination assemblies and composite units, including transparent vision panels and/or opaque glass or metal panels, which span from the top of a floor slab to the underside of the next higher floor slab. NOTE: Window walls are available with separate or integral slab edge covers and can be fabricated from windows or curtain wall or storefront systems. Primary provision for anchorage occurs at head and sill conditions. Receptor systems can be designed as a part of drainage and movement accommodation provisions.”

Window wall “rests” on the floor below, and expands in the same direction as interior finishes, for easy interfaces at door openings and balcony slabs. Shear walls and changes in sill height are straightforward. Window wall can be installed in any sequence.

Window wall can be designed to look as much - or as little - like curtainwall as desired. Performance criteria are similar. Window wall made from window systems - like Wausau’s INvent™ product family - looks more “residential,” with expressed interior glazing beads, and framing sightlines interrupted by offsets. Optional beveled or profiled glazing rebates are available, while vents are integrated into framing. Structural silicone glazing is generally unavailable.

Window wall made from unitized curtainwall - like Wausau’s INvision™ product family - looks more “commercial,” with rectilinear mullion proles interior and exterior, and glazed-in insert vents. “Chicken head” starters are used at slab conditions. SSG is optional.

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Custom Window™ EN-8300i Historical Entrances

    • Offered exclusively to complement Custom Window™ 8300i and 9250 Series historical fixed and operable windows.
    • Fluted exterior glazing rebates to match existing putty-glazed doors and windows
    • Air infiltration and structural testing per the AAMA Storefront and Entrance Manual - Cycled 500,000 times per AAMA 920
Custom Window™ EN-8300i Historical Entrances

Storefront and Entrances

Storefront and Entrances   After many years of offering private-labeled Tubelite storefront solutions, Wausau Window and Wall Systems will now offer the broad line of storefront options supported by the EFCO brand. This comes from the exciting alignment of the Wausau and EFCO brands in 2021. Fabricated for efficiency and design flexibility, the EFCO storefront systems provide quick, low-cost material and installation solutions. Whether for retail, education, or other commercial low-rise applications, two types of application systems are available-framing and ribbon that can be combined with EFCO entrance products for a holistic design solution.