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March 2012

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Building Type: Government, Transportation and Sports
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Wausau offers Blast Hazard Mitigation Series windows and curtainwall systems

Wausau Window and Wall Systems® Blast Hazard Mitigation (BHM) Series combines blast mitigation, energy performance and recycled content to meet government buildings' high-security and green goals. Wausau's BHM Series products include curtainwall systems and operable windows.
 Washington Headquarters Services, BRAC 133 at Mark Center, Alexandria, Va.; photo by HKS, Inc.; Blake Marvin
All of Wausau's BHM Series products are designed for compliance with the General Services Administration Inter-Agency Security Committee's (GSA ISC) "Security Design Criteria for New Federal Office Buildings or Major Modernizations" and the Department of Defense United Facilities Criteria (DoD UFC) 4-010-01 "DoD Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for Buildings." Wausau supports all of its blast-mitigating products with an industry-leading warranty of up to 10 years.
"As window and curtainwall encounter the extreme pressures released by an explosive mass, all elements of the assembly work together to withstand the blast load and dissipate its energy. Instead of the historical design practice of specifying thick windows with rigid frames, modern blast-mitigating assemblies are intended to be flexible, and absorb, rather than resist, blast energy," explains Wausau's government/military market manager, Tom Mifflin, LEED® Green Associate.
Drawing from more than a decade of experience on dozens of major blast projects, Wausau's staff applies its technical expertise to interpret the lexicon of hazard mitigation and to achieve safety, security, cost effectiveness and timely completion. Mifflin continues, "Whether building a new structure or replacing, renovating and modernizing an existing facility, Wausau's high-performance systems help design-build teams to create elegant, quiet, daylight-filled, environmentally responsible and safe buildings."
Wausau's BHM Series product offering includes:
*  8000 Unitized Curtainwall's interlocking frame design accommodates seismic, live load and thermal building movements, and accepts up to 0.75-inch total vertical movement. Structural silicone glazing and sealing are completed in a controlled, factory environment to ensure the desired performance. Shipped in pre-assembled units for ease and speed during installation, the 8000 BHM Series is designed for blast performance exceeding 10 psi peak pressure, 89 psi-msec impulse.

*  SuperWall™ Curtainwall meets blast performance up to 33 psi peak pressure, 81 psi-msec impulse. The system accommodates cladding for steel tubes, which may be necessary to ensure structural performance in blast mitigating designs. BHM zero-sightline vents and terrace doors complement this versatile, captured or vertical structural glazed system. SuperWall's screw-spline construction in multiple frame depths presents a uniform, three-inch exterior sightline.

*  2250i, 3250i and 4250i INvent™ Series Windows' fixed, awning and project-out casement units feature blast performance exceeding 6 psi peak pressure, 42 psi-msec impulse. Project-in casements and hoppers may be specified for some applications and the INvent XLT option provides for triple glazing. These blast-mitigating units are available with 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch or 4.5-inch frame depths; pre-engineered, factory-glazed and successfully tested for reliable performance under demanding conditions.

In addition to thermal performance, condensation resistance and recycled aluminum content, natural light is a key benefit recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED® Green Rating System™. Operable windows add the advantage of natural ventilation for seasonal cooling. BHM Series curtainwall systems pair well with ClearStory™ exterior sun shades and interior light shelves for enhanced solar control through daylighting strategies.
Further contributing to sustainability -- without reducing safety or aesthetics -- Wausau's BHM Series products accept a variety of security glazing types, may be specified with a thermal barrier, and can be finished in a choice of more than 30,000 colors. Wausau's painted finishes include liquid paints that can be composed of up to 100% post-industrial waste. Durable, VOC-free anodize finishes accentuate the metallic appearance, such as copper color that does not patina.
Product descriptions, video clips of blast performance testing, downloadable product details, drawings and technical information can be found in the blast hazard mitigation section of Wausau's website at For more information, please call 877-678-2983 or email