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April 2011

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Wausau’s HP-Wall offers industry-leading, thermal and acoustic performance

Wausau Window and Wall Systems’ HP-Wall Series provides industry-leading thermal and acoustical performance. Usable in high-humidity applications, HP-Wall's condensation-resistant construction makes it ideal for preserving controlled climates for such sensitive, indoor environments as museums, libraries, hospitals, laboratories and research facilities.

Featuring a multi-level thermal barrier system, and accommodating triple insulating glass, HP-Wall also is well-suited for buildings seeking to reduce operating costs and HVAC capacity requirements – up to 35% for heating and 20% for cooling. HP-Wall allows perimeter heating may to be eliminated in many cases, while contributing to occupant comfort, quieter interiors and minimized maintenance costs.

With up to a “four-level” frame thermal barrier system, HP-Wall successfully meets 15-psf water test pressure, achieves a U-factor as low as 0.20 and a condensation resistance factor up to 80, while omitting the need for suspended films. Factory-fabricated and assembled in ladder frames, this high-performance curtainwall system can be specified as two-sided structural-glazed and enhanced with internal structural steel reinforcing. Wausau backs its curtainwall with up to a 10-year limited warranty, one of longest and most comprehensive in the industry.

HP-Wall features a 2.5-inch uniform exterior sightline with optional glazed-in zero sightline operable windows, integral blinds, entrance door inserts and interior access door. Custom extruded cover profiles may be requested, as may 45- to 135-degree inside/outside corners. Unlimited color, tint and reflectivity also can be achieved using readily available glass combinations. Similarly, the wall system’s recycled aluminum frame may be painted with dual color finishes to match the building’s interior and exterior design palettes. With a palette exceeding 30,000 color choices, Wausau presents an assortment of painted finishes with low- to no-VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and eco-friendly, anodize finishes.

The frosty, matte finish of eco-friendly anodize is ideal for Wausau’s aluminum framing, which is standard as secondary billet manufactured with a high recycled content. Coupled with the recognized benefits of daylight and outside views, these composition and performance features may aid buildings seeking certification under such programs as the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating System™.