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Recent Press Releases

April 2012

Wausau’s HRX curtainwall delivers floor-to-ceiling views, high performance for several building types

Wausau Window and Wall Systems® 6250i-HRX curtainwall and window wall system is designed specifically for the floor-to-floor spans and loads of mid-rise and high-rise construction including university residence halls, office buildings, hotels and condominiums.

March 2012

Wausau's Clear Story™ exterior sun shades and interior light shelves maximize natural light and energy efficiency

Sun shades also can economize natural light by redirecting it inside the building. Extending the redirection and reach, interior light shelves at transom height are especially effective at redirecting sunlight deep into occupied spaces.

March 2012

Wausau offers Blast Hazard Mitigation Series windows and curtainwall systems

Wausau Window and Wall Systems® Blast Hazard Mitigation (BHM) Series combines blast mitigation, energy performance and recycled content to meet government buildings' high-security and green goals.

January 2012

New DoD campus designed to meet BRAC and LEED criteria, features Wausau's blast hazard mitigating systems

Keeping with LEED Gold criteria, the high-performance building is targeted to consume 30% less energy than a comparable, traditionally constructed office building.

December 2011

Shore Memorial's Surgical Pavilion designed to meet LEED criteria, features Wausau's SuperWall to provide healing, natural light

Along with protecting the environment, Wausau's products help protect patients' safety and comfort with a hurricane-impact-mitigating curtainwall system